Quick Reminder- Kosmic Saturday Night

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Just real quick...  Kosmic Barnyard will be playing this Saturday night, 
June 14th, at the Green Buffalo Pub in Lancaster, NY.  The Green Buffalo is 
located on Como Park at the corner of Lake Ave (head south on Transit Rd. 
and turn left onto Como Park... about 5 minutes drive from there).  Show 
will start about 10:30 PM.  Check the website for more info.

Also... coming next week:
Kosmic Barnyard @ McGarret's (946 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY)- Wednesday, 
June 18th @ 10:30PM
Kosmic Barnyard @ 658 Bar and Lounge (658 Main St., Buffalo, NY)- Friday, 
June 20th @ 10:00PM- 1 set, opening for MYOCLONIC JERK
More info on these shows soon.

Be sure to scope the new website @ www.kosmicbarnyard.com!

The Barnyard

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