NEW WEBSITE and Kosmic Show Saturday

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  • Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 14:04:25 -0400

Hey kids!

We've got a bunch of exciting news for you today.  First and foremost, we're 
proud to announce that our NEW website is finally finished and posted on the 
internet.  Please drop by to check it out (yes, still 
the same address as the old site).  There are still a few bugs to be worked 
out here and there but it's pretty much up and running at full speed.  Be 
sure to turn up (or turn down if you're at work) your computer's volume when 
you visit the site as we've got some audio clips running througout.  We 
would like to give a BIG thanks to Doug Kane who worked closely with the 
band in designing the new site (Doug can be reached via his contact info in 
the lower left hand corner of the new site).  We're looking forward to 
making this a truely cool and interactive site so stay tuned for updates and 
new and exciting features and pages.  We also plan on consistantly updating 
the showdates, news, pictures, and music.  Feel free to contact us with any 
comments, complaints, or suggestions on the site.

Secondly, Kosmic will be back in action this Saturday, June 14th, at the 
Green Buffalo Pub.  We know this place may be a little out of the way but we 
had a GREAT time our last time out.  We would strongly recommend anyone and 
everyone looking for something to do to make the trek out to Lancaster to 
catch the show.  Just so we're straight, you want to make a LEFT onto Como 
Park from Transit Rd and head down to the corner of Como and Lake Ave.  Show 
will start about 11:00 PM.

Last, but certainly not least, a special thanks to everyone that made it out 
to the Whitehouse two weeks ago.  We had a great time (not just because of 
the jello shots and dancing girls on the bar either) and hope that you did 
too.  A big welcome to anyone that is new to this list and signed up that 
night... thanks for your interest in the band.

That's about it for now.  We've got a bunch of shows coming up in June and 
are presently booking for July and August.  Don't forget the annual Blind 
Baby's Holiday musical blowout July 25th-27th and Thursday at the Square on 
August 7th.  We'll keep you posted on all that and more. Until then peace 
out my friends (and check out the site!).

The Barnyard

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