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Thank you for your work so far on this subject.  Keep us posted on your 

I have sent a request to Oregon's EMS division and not received a response yet.

Michael Lund
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  Dear All


  At the ambulance meeting in Keno on January 8 several people came away with 
assignments.  My assignment was to confer with the state of California EMS 
Authority and our policies regarding the scope of practice that Oregon based 
personnel could use when responding into California.  I, along with our Medical 
Director and clinical staff have had a number of discussions with the state 
staff and have reviewed pertinent regulations and other documents on the 
matter.  This is not an easy task as there is no one size fits all answer for 
all levels of training.  My assignment was to be completed in two weeks.  Today 
marks two weeks, and while we are narrowing in on an answer, it is not 


  Please bear with me as we press forward.  


  Thank you for your patience.  If you have specific questions, please contact 


  Dan Spiess

  530 229-3979





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