[kismac] Re: possible one-click solution for passive mode

  • From: Kevin Bringard <comandercool@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 15:23:54 -0800

Granted, I havn't tried this since installing 10.4.5, but in 10.4.4 I was
able to enable passive mode while the airport was running.  I could be
connected to a network, surfing the web, load kisMAC, and it would switch
out, and then when I shut down kisMAC it would connect back to the network.

The problem I had, was that it didn't work everytime... sometimes I had the
problem people are describing where the airport would kill itself requiring
a reboot to fix.

Anyway, just my 0.02$

-- Kevin

On 2/16/06, Robin L Darroch <robin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Since it seems that forcing the airport to stop prior to loading
> KisMAC now works on 10.4.5 (maybe .4.4 too?), I've come up with one
> possible solution to do it in one click (rather than having to
> remember to deactivate the airport before each time running KisMAC:
> - Download XNetwork from http://osaxen.com/files/xnetwork1.3.html
> - Install it (just drag the osax file into one of your
> ScriptingAdditions folders)
> - open Script Editor and create a script with the following two lines:
> stop airport
> tell application "KisMAC" to activate
> - save that as an application
> - now, to open KisMAC, double-click your script application rather
> than the KisMAC application icon
> Of course, you can write a more detailed script for KisMAC if you
> also want it to open maps and start scanning, etc.
> Now, if anyone can think of an effective way to have KisMAC turn the
> Airport off at a system level before it attempts to load the Airport
> Extreme passive driver (and then to turn it back on when scanning is
> stopped if it was on before), that would be considerably better!
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