[kismac] Re: USB branch, ralink RT2500, "No supported USB device found!"

  • From: Jeroen <jeroen@xxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 21:12:54 +0100


I did, no dice

The little info I found on the stick did say it was an RT2500 (even the supplied drivers are RT2500). Let's give this rt73 a shot.
So I changed the position on the IDs in the list and modified

#define dRalinkDeviceCount 28   // original value
#define dRT73DeviceCount 4              // changed from 3

2007-01-09 11:55:48.385 KisMAC[15909] KisMAC startup done. Build from Jan 9 2007 11:47:45. Homedir is /sw/svn-downloads/usb- drivers/build/Universal/KisMAC.app. NSAppKitVersionNumber: 824.410000
2007-01-09 11:55:48.386 KisMAC[15909] Registering with Growl
2007-01-09 11:55:51.293 KisMAC[15909] GPS integration disabled
2007-01-09 11:55:58.066 KisMAC[15909] found unwanted device (vendor = 0x3f0, product = 0x2911) 2007-01-09 11:55:58.069 KisMAC[15909] Ralink RT73 USB Device found (vendor = 0xb05, product = 0x1723)
2007-01-09 11:55:58.175 KisMAC[15909] USBJack is now ready to start working.
2007-01-09 11:55:58.177 KisMAC[15909] Waiting for Asic to power up...
2007-01-09 11:55:58.179 KisMAC[15909]
2007-01-09 11:55:58.179 KisMAC[15909] Init: MAC_CSR0=0x573a0002
2007-01-09 11:55:58.179 KisMAC[15909] --> NICLoadFirmware
2007-01-09 11:55:58.530 KisMAC[15909] Firmware loaded, starting firmware... 2007-01-09 11:55:58.535 KisMAC[15909] <-- NICLoadFirmware (src=hardcoded, V1.8)
2007-01-09 11:55:58.535 KisMAC[15909] --> NICInitializeAsic

And it hangs.


On 09 Jan 2007, at 20:57, Geoffrey Kruse wrote:


Read the log, kismac thinks this is an rt73 device, not ralink 2500. Please try adding it to the rt73 section instead of where you added it.

On Jan 9, 2007, at 11:52 AM, Jeroen wrote:

I am indeed on a ppc mac mini...

Is this really true?
Just hoping, that's all

I saw you're working on the Ralink drivers for ppc. Well, good luck!


On 09 Jan 2007, at 10:28, Enrico Placci wrote:

On Tue, 9 Jan 2007 02:51:25 +0100
Jeroen <jeroen@xxxxxxx> wrote:


I tried out a ASUS WL-167G USB key (Ralink) with the lastest USB
branch of kismac.
No dice, kismac hangs.

Are you on ppc? Ralink driver doesn't work on ppc, kismac just hangs...


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