[kismac] Re: Net Area Power Interpolation

  • From: Michael Thole <mthole@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 18:58:39 -0500

This all looks very cool, BTW.  I'd really like to help with that (and  
jump back into KisMAC coding in general), but I'll have to wait until I  
get a 'book with GPS first.  Moving around my tower wouldn't do much  
good.  Hopefully later this summer.

- Mike

On Wednesday, June 11, 2003, at 06:19  AM, Andreas Rossbacher wrote:

> Michael Rossberg wrote:
>> can you put it to some web account? would be cool.
> The Java stuff is at:
> http://www.ping.de/~andreas/IDWI.zip
> But i have to warn: It is ugly and slow by desgin shitty code.
> And the documentation is almost not there. :-)
> I even have no idea if i did everything right. It looks like
> though. There might be somehting wrong with the distance based
> decrease. But it looks quite ok on the number board the programm
> creates.
> The theory about the algorithm is from here:
> http://www.ems-i.com/gmshelp/Interpolation/Interpolation_Schemes/ 
> Inverse_Distance_Weighted/Shepards_Method.htm
> Here is some site where they did some stuff with a sort
> of this algorithm.
> http://www.ittc.ku.edu/wlan/
> The hardest problem for me was, that the algorithm is desigend
> to interpolate a few points of data to the whole image. But it is
> more for themperatures in a room or so, not for wlan which "naturally"
> decreases.
> I did read some books about radio transmission and dispersion. So i
> got the decrease calculations from there.
>>> Secondly it would be great that for visualisation it would be great
>>> to show all nets that have the same name at one time. You you can
>>> visalize mult AP nets on the map.
>> was already planned =)
> Good to hear that.
> - --
> bye Andreas
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