[kismac] Re: Listed on Growl page, and update of kismac.de?

  • From: Robin L Darroch <robin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 22:56:48 +1000

On 19.03.2006, at 07:22, themacuser wrote:

Ok. Didn't know that was coming for a while - wasn't sure if we were still doing that.

The thing is that very little of our user base uses the "stable" release - I don't know anyone still using r65 - and not being listed on the Growl page because we regard that as "stable" (IMO, in reality it's no more or less "stable" than the "development" builds we work with now), isn't a good thing.

if i can believe my logs there are about 30000 people using r65 right now. the reason why i did not post anything on the main site, are the dumb questions. i wanted to get airport extreme support real stable before that...

With the ability to enable airport extreme passive permanently, I'd say it's looking really quite stable now. Apart from CPU usage going quite high when passive scanning using AE (vs DWL-122), it works first time, every time for me now. I still use the DWL-122 to save CPU and to position the antenna more easily, but I certainly don't *need* to use it any more.

As for cracking and the fact that packet captures from Airport Extreme don't seem crackable (for the same networks as a DWL-122 yields a Newshams-crackable capture)... I'm afraid that goes a bit beyond my ability to troubleshoot any further.

Incidentally, when someone with commit access gets a chance, please review and add in my latest GPS patches: I know it's very unlikely, but on principle I don't like the idea that someone crossing the equator on the prime meridian will get incorrect behaviour from KisMAC as they do so. The map handling when auto-centering is just fixing inappropriate behaviour not handled earlier.


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