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  • From: Curtis Ireland <family@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 10:41:21 -0400

My feeling is a logo on the front *and* back might be a bit much.

What would the thoughts be for having the shirts ready for GeOCanada3?
That way you could put the event on the back.

Another idea would be to have a big list of geocaching names and/or
reputable Kingston caches on the back.

Dana Pilling wrote:
It's great to see so much interest! Yes, I'm glad of the input! Oh so many great ideas! I love the idea of the name on the sleeve! I just wanted to show off the logo well, so thought the back, fairly large, would be really noticable and the KAG on the front left chest -Here's a thought, what about a small logo on the left chest instead of KAG there? name on sleeve and the logo on the back? Please let me know and if the majority wants nothing on the back we could do this. Thanks everyone for your input! At this point, there are 20 shirts spoken for! Dana

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    Or my personal favorite, the KAG logo on left side of the chest
    with the caching name on the sleeve. But, I'll go with whatever
    you decide Bluesaway. This could indeed get complicated. Aren't
    you glad you asked for everyone's input? :)

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