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We Have Many Voices Update,  Volume 3, Issue 4 March 15, 2003

Announcment From The bi-monthly ezine "We Have Many Voices"
We have updated our website where we bring you the news behind the news.

A brief description of each article is listed below, and you may read
them in their entirety at our web page:
We Have Many Voices Ezine
Last Susquehannock Village Threatened
by Paul Nevin - Susquehanna River Hills Task Force

Archaeologists and Native Americans have joined together to fight a proposed
development of more than 600 homes for an area of Lower Windsor Township,
York County, PA which threatens to destroy the site of the last Susquehannock
Village and its associated burial grounds. Samuel Lewis State Park overlooks
the area, which many people describe as one of the most beautiful views in
southeastern Pennsylvania. The land is part of Lauxmont Farms, a large horse
farm owned by Archie C. and Laura B. Kohr, which has been operating under
bankruptcy for nearly ten years. During this time the bankruptcy trustee,
Leon P. Haller, has been selling large plots of land for luxury single-family
homes to fulfill the family's bankruptcy obligations. In December 2002 they
presented plans for the Lakeside developments, a mixture of 261 single-family
homes and 393 townhouse units on 334 acres. Ironically, Lower Windsor
Township is in the process of enacting its first zoning ordinance. The
ordinance, expected to be approved in March, cannot be applied to previously
submitted proposals. Under this ordinance the area where the proposed
development would be located will be zoned as agricultural land where
high-density developments such as this will not be allowed.

The Alienated State of America: A Hateful Divide
by Bryan Craeg Evans

If the democratic integrity of America has been corrupted to an extent where
it no longer functions, while a military coup runs rampant threatening the
use of nuclear weapons, where then is the hope to rescue the American Dream?
Ironically enough, the best aspects of democracy, justice and freedom are
rising up around the world, to remind Americans what they use to represent. A
land of opportunity and free expression, a land of immigrants whose dreams
outweigh their pockets, a nation where civil rights and diversity are
celebrated and triumph. Activists from even the most oppressed nations of the
world are showing us how America has been hijacked by the worst colonial
elements of our society, an elitist, ultraright group of revolutionaries with
a globalist agenda.


Poem - A Village Gone
by Marty "Little Crow" Sheeler


George's Song
submitted by MomRen


Native Born
by John Rustywire

There was a small white envelope waiting for me when I got home, it reminded
me of some work I had done two years ago on some land matters that ended up
in federal court. It was a subpeona, it said be here at this time and don't
be late or else bad things will happen to you. So I went, it was a long day,
not that day but the day before trying to catch up on some things, so I
worked late till 4 in the morning, went to get some sleep for couple of hours
and got up real late ... what did the paper say ... 8 and don't be late, well
it was about 9 when I got there.

Rise Up
by Vicki Lockard

March is "National Women's History Month" and that made me think. Actually,
the three articles that I'm quoting made me think. My thoughts are going in
two directions, and I'd like to share them with you.
First, I'm worried. I am the mother of two sons (yes, Jamie is one of them),
and a grandmother of boys. I am worried about the message that is being sent
to our young men. Our society tends to look at athletes and military leaders
as heroes. They are held up as models for boys. They are supposed to be the
"cream of the crop." Yet, it's these very examples that are showing such
disregard for women.

Enviro-Rants From an All Natural Soapbox
by Jamie Lockard

I suppose it was inevitable. Jesse Jackson came back to Greenville, SC last
week and once again brought his band of troublemakers with him. Once again,
the issue was over MLK day. Jesse Jackson has managed to use strong arm
tactics to make five local communities cave to his will and make MLK Day a
paid holiday. Essentially, he has labeled every single person opposed to the
paid holiday a racist. Even though the issue has nothing to do with race,
once again, Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition was able to play the race card,
simply because of who he is and because there is ultimately no defense to
that for an issue like this. You attack companies using strong-arm tactics
and additional claims of "racist" when they don't pay your coalition the
money you demand.

Action Alerts
collected from various sources


The "Stoic" Indian
by Paul Barry
In each issue, you will find a funny story here. Perhaps, even a true story
or one with a moral.


Moccasin Telegraph - News of Interest from Indian Country
Gathered by Raven Weaver


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Raven Weaver, News Research & Administration
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