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Greetings K-12 Newsletters,

I like the blog, cause t is saving me time and it's easier for me to use now.
Since I last emailed there have been improvements. My picture is up there, and the whole thing is looking better. Notice there are little feed buttons next to the CATEGORIES because now they are all separate feeds.

Improvement - Only One link Needed

Happy Reading For Today: K-12 Newsletters

All I did was look on the right side of the page and found K-12 Newsletters then clicked.
I copied that link and pasted it above.
You can use that link for your feed reader.

This one link (feed) now brings up brings up everything I've posted for you.
Depending on how much time you have, when you were there last, and how many days back you want to see you can find it all - at your leisure. Sometimes I post daily -- so no more waiting - if you want to keep up, just click whenever you feel like it.


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