[ECP] Congratulations to the Early Adapters

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Greetings Everyone,

Congratulations to the Early Adapters

Thanks to all the people who visited the blog yesterday. There was a lot of activity :-) People are linking to it from the sites and blogs. People are also subscribing to the feed.

The feed addy is http://feeds.feedburner.com/EducationalCyberPlayGround (more about this later)

This is About Change

Nobody really wants to change. Believe me, I know how hard it is ( I hate it too) but I've got no choice. <whine>

You can appreciate how big this job to sit at my desk for hours at a time, and even though My Mom told me to sit up straight it still hurts my neck and back. Those of you who pound the keyboard day in and out (with their head stuck inside the monitor like I do) will understand what I'm talking about. <more whining>

My neck just can't handle the amount of time it takes me to sort out and cherry pick the millions of posts I aggregrate and sort through for your email and then i need to format all this for the Blog too. It's just physically too hard on me. That's why I finally had to make a change. <keeping stiff upper lip>

Email - is just so Yesterday

With all the spam, worms, trojans, school filters, white lists, black lists, bots and sign up, sign off, stuff I've got to deal with - I'm thinking the less email the better. And because this is so new - it is going to take time to help everyone move along and get with the "new thing".

Cherry Picking
When you go to the blog you can always click to email yourself whatever article or articles you want to keep. So you really can continue to get the info into your mailbox this way, which is nice.

Essentially I see my service as a filter - I send what I think we all should know. We can't know everything and I miss an awful lot but that's where you come in.

Your Comments
You can leave comments about this. Which means if there is more info you want to add - be my guest. I think this is an added benefit for everyone on the list including me.
The blog lets you comment and send us more about something related.

The Blog actually gives me more flexibility in that I can post on daily basis instead of the colossal crunch of intensity required to do this twice a week now. I need to handle my workload more efficiently. When Gleason was doing there wasn't as much traffic as the would has now. Sometimes I feel like we're drowning in it.

I'm Still Learning
Thanks for your patience while I get it together. It's easy to think that everything should "just work" and forget that there is a human behind this machine making things work right. But no matter how long I've been on the net it doesn't matter. Everyday I'm just a beginner cause there is always something new for me to tackle. It doesn't mean that I didn't see it start all those years ago, it's just that I didn't want to bother with it, but now I think it's time to bit the bullet.


"We all get by with a little help from our friends" and this helps everyone improve their internet skills.

I am happy to help so don't hesitate to email me off list.

Give It A Try

Just Click on http://blog.edu-cyberpg.com/

Now Click on the name of the Mailing List your are signed up to.

Everything I've posted will pop up for you to read - all sorted by the day of the week.

You won't miss anything and you can email it  and comment on it if you like.


Please Click On The Google Ads that you find there, if you have any interest.
Show your support for the service.  I do appreciate it.

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