turning off move over mickey mouse cursor blah blah

  • From: "Yardbird" <yardbird@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 5 May 2007 14:20:16 -0700

I just reinstalled Jaws 8 minus my old settings as part of an experiment to 
try to make it work better, which is another topic entirely. But now on 
every other web page I visit, Jaws is barking "on mouse over link" 
constantly, or whatever it is that it says. Now, I once took some good time 
on the Surf's Up section of the FS site learning to do all these tricks to 
read what was in on mouse over links, just because I thought I should. But 
that was a bit too much trouble for too little profit, as far as I was 
concerned, so I gave it up. Later, I learned from this list how to get jaws 
to stop announcing this, but now I've forgotten. Guessing that it might be 
something under HTML in Configuration Manager, not labeled anything about 
mice over but as part of a class of things, I looked there. But no, not that 
I can see. Where do I go to toggle off something that will stop Web pages 
from barking this at me? I don't need the aggravation. Thanks.
On mouse over. What does that *mean,* anyway? Translated closely, I mean? On 
what? Mouse over what? I know it means if you hold your mouse pointer over 
such a link, a popup thing will pop up. I just can't figure out what actual 
words are behind the phrase "on mouse over."

Waiitreess Watress: you guys about ready to order?
first man: Yeah, I'd like two scrambled with has browns, an English muffin 
and a side of bacon. And a warmup on my coffee, next time you have a chance.
Waitress: Check. And you,sir?
Second man: Let's see.  Okay. Orange juice, on mouse over, hold the tail, 
whole wheat bagel and fresh fruit instead of the hash browns. and a side of 
swiss cheese for the mouse.

Whatever. On mouse over. Gimme a break. How do you turn it off?

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