Re: regarding the jaws 9 update

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  • Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 10:54:56 -0800

Hi Don,

this problem with Jaws failing to speak cut, copy and paste isn't peculiar 
to anything to do with WMP. It's something that a lot of us experience in a 
number of environments, for instance doing files maintenance in Windows 
Explorer, and other situations as well. This is an issue the FS tech support 
staff says Development is aware of not having been resolved since it first 
started happening in Jaws 8 to a lot of users, and they say they're working 
on it.

By the way, in case you haven't tried this, if your problem doesn't happen 
until you've been running your computer for a few hours and Jaws begins by 
reporting cut, copy and paste and then falls silent, two things:

1. The cutting, copying and pasting is really being done, if you check to 
see. That's not much comfort,, but it may help in a pinch.
2. If you exit Jaws and relaunch it, cut, copy and paste announcements 
should be resurrected. Again, that doesn't make it okay, but these are ways 
to cope with the problem for the time being. Unless for you it has to do 
only with Windows Media Player in some way? You think that your launching, 
or launching and using WMP causes it, somehow? That's not my experience, so 
maybe your issue isn't quite the same.
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regarding the jaws 9 updateHi list,

    I just downloaded and installed the JAWS 9.0.552 update and I see they 
still haven't fixed the problem of JAWS not reporting the Copy and Cut 
commands after Windows Media Player 11 has been launched, unless I unload 
JAWS and load it again.


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  Subject: Re: regarding the jaws 9 update

  Gary, you need to go to
  and click on the link that says
  Jaws 9.0.552 Now Shipping.
  First you'll see information about Jaws 9, and then it'll mention 
specifically the corrections that were made in the latest release. After 
that, it gives the download links.
  Hope this helps.

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    From: gary melconian
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    Subject: regarding the jaws 9 update

    Hello wher can I find out more about the jaws update before installing 
it. Thanks for the help

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