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  • From: Shan Noyes <shan.noyes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 13:19:20 -0600

Hi all!
When it comes to using talks or mobile speak the big answer is it depends 
upon the operating system for the cell phone.  talks works on symbian 
phones which tradditionally only work on the "gsm" network which is what 
exists in europe, and some providers like rogers.  mobile speak runs on 
phones that have the windows mobile operating system.  In Saskachewan 
canada the phone company SaskTel uses cell phones that use the "cdma" 
network, as compared to the "gsm" found in europe.  "the CDMA type of 
network is what is used a lot in north america.  Anyways the Windows 
mobile operating system is very much like windows, and the mobile speak 
program permits complete access to the cell phone using the windows mobile 

operating system.  Windows mobile 6 is very much like windows we all use 
on our desktops,  my phone has internet explorer, outlook express etc... I 

recently purchased mobile speak and am running it on a windows mobile 6 
cell phone called a 5800.  The mobile speak can use numerous 
different voices.  check out the web site and you can 
listen to all the options.  one neat aspect of the mobile speak program is 

that a person with the new version 2.-0 purchases a license for the 
package and can easily move it from phone to phone as you upgrade to newer 

So the big question is what operating system the cell phone uses, will 
determine talks or mobile speak.    Codefactory permits a 30 day trial of 
the software as well and its available over the net as well.
also there is a list of cell phones that mobile speak works with on the 
code factory as well.
Shan Noyes

Shan Noyes
Technical Analyst - Corporate Security
Phone: 306-777-4830, Cell: 306-533-1440

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