Re: really need help with outlook 2003

  • From: Arnaud <arnaudb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2011 18:04:57 +0100

i thought you were on my side, going the asle of help. no with sattelitre.

Le 14/02/2011 19:08, Bissett, Tom a écrit :
To put your new messages at the bottom of the list you can use your jaws
cursor go to the top of the screen/window go down about four or five
lines to find a line with a row of icons
"Favorite Folders From Subject Received Size In Folder"
locate the received icon and left mouse click with the numpad slash.
This will put your new messages at the bottom of the list.

Tom Bisset

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*Subject:* RE: really need help with outlook 2003

Dave Carlson gave you some starting tips, and it was his instructions
that enabled me to switch from OE to Outlook 2003 last year. After
you've made the adjustments he has suggested so far, post any new
questions as problems occur.
I work easily in Outlook 2003. One seeming drawback compared to OE is
that sighted assistance may be needed to place new messages at the
bottom of a folder list. I gave up and just got used to having them
arrive at the top. It proved to be an easy mental adjustment.
Other listers can tell you about other email applications that work on
your machine. However, if you give Outlook a little time and a few
tweaks, you may find it has several advantages. Many like the calendar.
I like the ability to select a series of messages from the message list
and convert them in a single operation into a single text file.

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*Sent:* Monday, February 14, 2011 11:36 AM
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*Subject:* really need help with outlook 2003

        Hello,I am trying to get back to e-mail after a a week when I
        had to buy a win7 machine and found that I am forced to use
        outlook 2003 as outlook express apparently will not be able to
        function in win7. Can someone please tell me how to simplify
        outlook instead of having links etc? Are the commands the same
        and how do I change the message order so the top has the past
        messages and the bottom has the messages just comming in the
        box? I know that some claim that you can make outlook express
        work but, I here it is difficult unless you are good with
        computers. Also is there an easy program out there like outlook
        express? So far I find I really don't like microsoft outlook but
        perhaps if I can simplify the process, it might be easier! Thank
        you so much! Heather

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