Re: Reauthorization problem while using dongles for jaws and openbook

  • From: Arnaud <arnaudb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2011 18:04:25 +0100

forget dude , forget. FS products are only good if used with a proper crack. a nice little freeware crack. forget paying for FS product, forget it!

Le 19/12/2010 14:25, Yadiel Sotomayor a écrit :
It only takes 150 dollars to upgrade from a previous version of
openbook. Tim, I will say this. I was not a fan of freedomscientific's
OCR solution (openbook). It is the easiest one to handle, that's for
sure but I was a fan of kerzwhile 1000 until OB 9. Now, I used version
7, 8, and now 9. The difference between 7 and 9 is a lot! Like the
distance from here to the moon. Kerzwhile still out performsopenbook but
just a bit. YOu just need to put openbook on its most accurate setting
and there you go. Almost the same. It is worth upgrading that's for
sure. Because frankly, kerzwhile maybe better yet, but paying 2,000
something for it, makes me sick.
Yadiel *From:* Tim <mailto:tim@xxxxxxxxxx>
*Sent:* Sunday, December 19, 2010 2:26 AM
*To:* jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
*Subject:* Re: Re:Authorization problem while using dongles for jaws and

Are you saying it costs more to opt for the typical reauthorization
method than the dongle? I am not using Open Book 9 yet. I am busy trying
to find a money tree to obtain the $1,500 needed to purchase it. I am
still using Open Book 7. Sad to say, it does not even compete with a
free HP scanning program installed on my computer. It sounds like Open
Book is a significant improvement over version 7 though.

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    *From:* Amar Jain <mailto:amarjain@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
    *To:* jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    *Sent:* Sunday, December 19, 2010 12:02 AM
    *Subject:* Re:Authorization problem while using dongles for jaws and

    Rightly said Dave, I have raised this query in my email to tech
    support too.
    Carrying two or more dongles is certainly a bad idea.
    In fact, what I feel that while purchasing any product they should
    provide an option to the customer that whether he wants a key or a
    dongle. When I bought openbook with pearl, I was of the opinion that
    I’ll get a key. But it was later when I came to know that for key
    you have to pay quite a good amount. As such I have no need of
    having dongle for this software.
    They are working on my issue with their senior specialist, lets see
    when do they respond.
    Amar Jain.
    From: "Tim" <tim@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:tim@xxxxxxxxxx>>
    Subject: Re: Authorization problem while using dongles for openbook
    and jaws.
    Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 09:13:54 -0600

    If Freedom Scientific was smart they would do away with the need for
    a Dongle and the insane reauthorization codes. But that has not
    happened yet. I guess I will just keep dreaming. How convenient
    though that they create the problem and charge the customer $50 to
    fix it.

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    From: Dave Durber
    To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Sent: Saturday, December 18, 2010 8:54 AM
    Subject: Re: Authorization problem while using dongles for openbook
    and jaws.


    Mind you, if FS were smart!!! Yes! You read correctly, if they were
    smart!!! They would use a type of dongle that would be capable of
    storing authorization information for all their products, thus doing
    away with the need, of having to use more than one dongle, to run
    two of their products simultaneously on a computer.


    Dave Durber

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    From: Gary King
    To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 10:05 PM
    Subject: Re: Authorization problem while using dongles for openbook
    and jaws.

    First, let me say that I have not had any experience with FS
    products and dongles. I wonder though if you have tried just having
    the JAWS dongle plugged in when the computer starts, and leaving the
    JAWS dongle in place, plug in the Open Book dongle when you get
    ready to use Open Book. If Open Book doesn't authorize using this
    method, or JAWS doesn't remain authorized, I would be contacting FS
    to see why their dongles can't work at the same time.

    Gary King
    w4wkz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:w4wkz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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    From: Amar Jain
    To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 8:38 PM
    Subject: Authorization problem while using dongles for openbook and

    Dear Experts,
    I’ve bought pearl, which comes with openbook 9.0.
    However, I am facing an interesting problem.
    Which goes like this:
    1. Both dongles namely; for jaws and for openbook are connected to
    2. When system boots up, jaws turns on automatically. Meaning it
    fetches authorization information from dongle.
    3. If I start openbook, then it asks for activation whereas the
    dongle for it is already connected.
    In order to sort out this problem, I have to remove the jaws dongle,
    then re-insert openbook dongle, and all works fine. However, after
    few minutes jaws asks for dongle.
    I also cannot turn off jaws, as I will have no speech except in
    openbook during system navigation.
    To conclude, two dongles are not running side by side. And if one is
    authorized, other is not getting authorized.
    It has been tried on laptop ports and USB hub both.
    What could be the appropriate solution?
    Quick response will be appreciated.
    Amar Jain.


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