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This has absolutely nothing, whatsoever, to do with JFW. I'd appreciate it if it wasn't posted about any further. The next step is moderation.

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Please send the following message on to any one you know, and if any links dont work let me know via e-mail at
I have been asked how to podcast, and what to do. Well, I want you to get started, so maby you will subscribe to my podcast.
First you need software. I dont want to direct link off the programmer's web site there for you can download juice the podcatching software at the link

After you get this software, then install it. After this is done you will have a folder called Juice in your program files. Click this, then click the Juice
program name.
After it opens, click tools, then click add a feed. In the url field, type in the feed url. My url is
so just type this one in here.
Then click OK.
Then click tools again, and click check all. And this will check for any eps to download. Then one more thing, after this is done, click tools and then
Have happy podcasting, and hope this helps.
If you need more information, feel free to e-mail me at
and happy podcasting.
~_Visit my blog and podcast shownotes at
~_call the podcast at
~_and subscribe to my main podcast at

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