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  • From: "David & Patricia Ferrin" <dpf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 13:38:00 -0400

Thank you for answering me so quickly, your description of how to select a 
file is exactly what I had to do so I could change them from skipped to 
download.  My wife says that there is a graphic unfortunately JAWS can't 
recognize the thing.  I could probably write a script to do that particular 
step, but I'll wait and see if I keep the thing around or not.
David Ferrin
I believe that tomorrow's another day, and I'll probably screw that one up 
personal email address
hi.  iPodder 2.0 is a bit tricky to use, but let me assure you that it is
absolutely screen reader friendly, if you know a few tricks.
It has a standard menu bar and all thescreens read as they should when
tabbing around and when in the view menu, JAWS correctly tells you which
choices you have and when going to it it'll read the information just as it

   The only2  issues that I and several others have found are:
1.   for whatever reason, after you add a feed manually, JAWS 6 loses
focus.  I'm not sure how this works under window-eyes because I currently
don't have it installed on this machine.
To fix the issue though, you must alt tab away and then back into the
program to get it to speak properly again.
2.  When you subscribe to a feed, there are usually multiple files
available for iPodder to download.  By default, it only downloads the first
show.  If you arrow down, each show is in 1 of 2 states, either "to
download", or "skipped".
The first show at the top of the list, which is the most recent  show is in
the "to download" state, but you can change this so that all the available
shows will be downloaded.  Now this is where I'm betting some scripts or
set files may be needed because this is a tricky one.  There is a way
around it though.  When you arrow up and down through the list of available
files, and the shows you want are showing as skipped, what you'll need to
do, if you're using JAWS at least, is route your pc cursor to your JAWS
cursor, and find the beginning of the name of the show you want to
download. Then, press your left arrow key once, and then press your left
mouse button.  This will change the show from skipped, to download.  This
really is the only real accessibility issue other than the focus issue, and
I'm willing to bet that there could be some scripts or other configuration
files written to fix these issues.  But if you know what to do in these
situations, you can most definitely use iPodder  2.0 without any kind of
scripts or set files installed.

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