RE: new adobe reader version

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Before you "restore", go to the startup under programs in the startup menu.
Yu may be able to delete the files that Adobe may have placed there.  This
is a process that you could use under Windows98 Second Edition.  I am not
sure whether or not you can with XP or Vista.  I haven't tried it yet, but,
maybe others on the list have.

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Hi, Ray, 
    But now there's all this stuff on my desktop: 
bin-debug, assets, adobe dot com, meta-inf, mime and a bunch of other
stuff...maybe it's not on the desktop, I think it might be a window that is
automatically open when I start up the computer. 
I'm so fed up, I'd like to revert the commputer to the way it was before I
downloaded the blasted thing. The older version worked fine... can you tell
me how to do that? I forget...
Alice, very annoyed right now! arg  

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        It sounds to me like it's not the version of Adobe Reader; rather,
it's the document itself.  Your discription seems to suggest that the
document is an image which will require OCR to decode.
        The Constantly BAREFOOTED Ray
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        Subject: new adobe reader version

        I, perhaps stupidly, downloaded the newest version of Adobe reader,
version 9, I think. 
            Now when I try to read a pdf document, I get the message alert:
empty document. 
        What's going on? How can I fix this? 



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