jaws saying not selected for every single message in outlook 2003

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Hello list,


About 1 hour ago, jaws started to say not selected for every single e-mail
message in my outlook 2003 list view. It doesn?t matter matter which folder
I?m in. be it the inbox, sent folder or other folders I?ve created. I don?t
recall switching any sort of setting or even unintentually to cause this
behavior, but I can?t seem to stop it.


I?m using jaws 12 and have already tried turning off and on jfw as well as
exiting and restarting outlook. I made sure that outlook was completely
closed down too.


Any ideas?



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This one is pretty benign. And yes, they can coexist so you can switch
back/forth. I recommend that you make sure you have your current JAWS
shortcut set to a hotkey like Ctrl+Shift+J to make it easier to launch.


Also note that after you install the JAWS 12 Beta, it will turn off the auto
launch of your current JAWS, so make sure you set that back before



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I?ve never fooled with one of these before.  If I decide to install, I
gather from the Web site that it will coexist with JAWS 11, and will,
presumably, run until the commercial product is available.  Anything I need
to know about the installation or uninstallation process?  Given all the
problems with 11, I?m partly hopeful, and more than a little gun shy.




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