Re: installing hot key detective

  • From: "Adrian Spratt" <Adrian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 16:18:19 -0400

Tom and Dave,

Although I downloaded Hot Key Detective from I see that it's located under the folder heading "PC Magazine Utilities" within Program Files.

Dave, nice summary of how to create a shortcut from that area and change its name.
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From: "tom behler" <tombehler@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Saturday, October 17, 2009 3:59 PM
Subject: Re: installing hot key detective

The information you have provided here regarding HK detective is very helpful as usual.

I will try to troubleshoot and correct the situation here when I get some time.

I'll let you know how things work out.

Thanks as always for your great help!

Tom Behler in Colorado

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From: "Dave Carlson" <dgcarlson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Saturday, October 17, 2009 1:33 PM
Subject: Re: installing hot key detective

Tom, Dave here.

The HKD.EXE file will run the program. If you selected Program Files as the destination during the setup, then you should find that file there. When you've highlighted the file, do the following:

1. Press the Application key (3rd to the right of the spacebar on a standard keyboard, and immediately to the right of your power button if you have that Dell Latitude laptop).

2. Arrow down until you hear "Send to".

3. Right arrow.

4. Arrow down until you hear "Desktop (create shortcut)"

5. Press enter.

6. Close Windows Explorer and bring up your desktop.

7. Very likely at the bottom right corner of all your icons you'll see a shortcut called "Shortcut to HKD.exe". Press enter on that to run the program whenever you need to use it.

P.S> you can rename the desktop shortcut to something more sensible by doing the following:

a. Highlight the icon.
b. Press F2
3. Backspace and delete to remove the entire label.
d. Type a new name like Hot Key Detective.
e. Press enter.


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From: "tom behler" <tombehler@xxxxxxxxx>
To: "jaws users e-mail list" <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Saturday, October 17, 2009 10:27
Subject: installing hot key detective

Hi, all.

A while ago, I think it was Dave who suggested that I find and install hot key detective from the JFW lite web site, in order to determine the hot keys that are assigned to various applications on one of my computers.

Well, I have gone to the JFW web site, and found the hot key link program, and I thought I ran the .exe file, but I wasn't sure what to put when it said to state the path for the program to go into.

I specified Program Files on the computer's hard drive, but can't seem to find the program anywhere.

Can someone give me a quick and easy way to install the software, so I can find and use it later?


Tom Behler in Colorado
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