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  • From: "Mike Mote" <mikemote@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 18:51:27 -0500

Brian, try weather bug.  It might be what you're looking for, that is if you 
don't mind seeing advertisements along with your forecast, and the updated 

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  From: Brian Tipka 
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  Subject: Weather alert Program

  Hi Friends,
    I'm looking for a Jaws friendly weather alert program. I'd like a program 
that audibly alerts you to severe weather conditions and tornadoes. Weather 
  does this, but when the alert option is on it goes off every few minutes if 
there's a weather alert or not. The ideal program would initially have me set
  up which cities I'd like to be alerted to and remember those cities and then 
if I wanted to be made aware of any weather alerts all I'd have to do is click
  on the program on the desk top and let it run and not know it's running 
unless there's an alert. I, also found a program called T Weather which gives 
  the weather from the closest air port to the city you pick, which is handy 
for current weather conditions, but again isn't what I'm looking for. I'd 
  any help any one could offer.

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