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  • Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2011 17:58:08 +0100

recirch in is absolutly useless. let it as it. forget dude, forget!

Le 02/03/2011 15:42, Cy Selfridge a écrit :
Well Dave, “Cy” sure could imply either cynical or senility. (LOLLOLLOL)

Dad Blame Fs, I sure get fed up with a new release which has broken some
of what used to work in the previous release.

With the oncoming thunderous rush of the cell phone/hand held computers
many of the needs of the average blind person can be met without the
need for a very costly screen reader for the computer.

Also, Apple and some other unmentionable open source screen readers
surely must be having some impact on FS future viability as ‘God of the
Micro World”.

Perhaps FS’s clay feet are beginning to crack? (“crack” as in crumble,
not as in being hacked)

I am really excited with Code Factory’s introduction of a screen reader
for the Android phones.

As I have said for a good decade, with the aging Baby Boomers and their
diminishing eye sight accessibility will become more and more common
place in many, many things including the micro computer.

Cy, The Anasazi

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Does "Cy" imply Cynical? I think JAWS 12 is as good as it's going to
get. We can only hope that JAWS 13 fixes more than it adds.

And all the while they never bother working on OB9, which is a disaster,
aside from the Pearl. Oops. Just drifted off-topic again.

Composed on a Dell Latitude 630 in the general vicinity of my Audio
Recording and Mixing Studios, San Francisco Bay Area.

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    This is why I think I will stick with JAWS 11, latest build as it
    seems to work pretty well.

    Perhaps by the time V 13 comes out FS will have fixed 12 including
    the things they have broken in 12, original release, with some of
    their “fixes”. (LOLLOLLOL)

    Cy, The Anasazi

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    Very instructive and I also just learned that the Currency Research
    Feature is not working in my latest iteration of JAWS 12. :-) Mitch

    Deep doubts, deep wisdom; small doubts, little wisdom.
    ~Chinese Proverb~

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        Well, I’ll be switched.

        Learn something every day.


        Cy, The Anasazi

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        Cy and list, just a reminder, when using the research it widget,
        you can get help on the input format by tabbing once after
        selecting the particular research operative. This can be helpful
        in being sure you use the correct format for the item.



        [mailto:jfw-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] *On Behalf Of *Cy Selfridge
        *Sent:* Wednesday, March 02, 2011 8:36 AM
        *To:* jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
        *Subject:* RE: ResearchIt

        By Golly Miss Molly, it worked, thanks.

        I was trying to use commas or semicolons as delimiters.



        [mailto:jfw-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] *On Behalf Of *Juan Pablo
        *Sent:* Wednesday, March 02, 2011 6:30 AM
        *To:* jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
        *Subject:* Re: ResearchIt

        You have to write:

        100 eur usd

        For example.

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            *From:*Cy Selfridge <mailto:cyselfridge@xxxxxxxxxxx>

            *To:*jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

            *Sent:*Wednesday, March 02, 2011 10:26 AM


            Okay happy JFW users,

            I am using JAWS 11, latest build, W7 64 bit and what the
            Dickens is the proper format for the convert currency function?

            I need euros to us dollars. Thanks…


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