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I have to confess I haven't understood anything about your inquiry today. 
First of all, for most Jaws users, an SMA is a credit for two upcoming full 
new versions of Jaws, including the free patches that may be published 
during the life span of each of those version. Under the ILM system of 
authorization that's now in force, you can download the same program a 
certain number of times before running out of keys, at which point you can 
simply ask FS to provide additional keys. This all assumes it's for the same 
user, of course.

As for your son, you haven't made clear whether you're intending to install 
jaws on his computer as a use of one of your own keys, or whether you've 
registered him as a separate user, in which case maybe you mean you bought 
an SMA with two credits for him, too? Which of course still leaves one 
credit of the five you say you have.

Then, surprisingly, you say that you're using Jaws 6 or something? Why? Is 
it that you installed Jaws a long time ago, and haven't kept abreast of the 
updates or anything, even though you've paid for them,and never was told how 
to upgrade when new releases come out? Or you said you are using version 7? 
It's all unusual and hard to make sense of, at least for me. The questions 
you're asking just seem extremely unusual, whether you're aware of it or 
not, and they leave me wondering what your actual situation is with Jaws.

Further explanation and clarification would be welcome if you feel like 
making the effort. It's just hard to tell what the problem is. By the way, 
if you had SMA credits for two versions of Jaws that have now come and gone 
and didn't use the credits on them, those credits won't roll over to the 
latest version. They would be dead now.
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I run mine from the system tray, too.  Yes, I have seen the information in 
the section you mentioned.  I can't remember what I paid for the SMA, it was 
quite a bit as I recall.  Perhaps it said 5 because I am using 6.2.  When I 
was on the website it had me listed as using 9.0.  I was more interested in 
making sure I had the keys so I could install Jaws in my son's computer with 
no problem.  That doesn't mean I won't encounter a problem, but it's best to 
be prepared.

Take care,
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  You must have a super-SMA.  My SMA only gave me 2 upgrades, and I have 
already used one of them.  The JAWS 9.0 CD was mailed to me automatically 
when it was released.

  I have never used the Control+Insert+v command with JFW since I run it in 
the system tray.  I changed the option tonight just to see what it would 
display while in the JAWS window.  It did give quite a bit of information, 
including the synthesizers that are installed.  It correctly listed my 
remaining upgrades as 1.  You can also find the number of upgrades you have 
remaining in the About dialog under the JAWS Help menu.

  Gary King

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    Subject: Regarding Upgrades

    Thank you, Everyone.

    I have 5 upgrades left.  Even if I didn't know, when you go in to Jaws 
and press control insert v, it tells you a good deal of information.  It 
gives the serial number, first 7 digits of the authorization number and the 
locking code and the number of upgrades.    So, I certainly knew that 
information.  What I didn't know was the procedure regarding upgrades and 
whether they had to be ordered or were sent automatically.

    Thank you to all who understood and answered my question.  And, the 
representative I dealt with who sold me the SMA was Keith Patterson.


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