RE: Laptop Question for Jaws

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  • Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 14:02:59 -0700


Tell you what, I use a wireless keyboard with my current laptop because I do
not like to bother with memorizing the various work around key combinations
required for the laptop. My next laptop *will* have a full keyboard complete
with numpad.

The cost of a laptop with a numpad is very little more than a regular old
laptop without the numpad so why not get what you want.

Cy, The anasazi



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Hello everyone, how are you? I have a question reguarding using a Laptop
with Jaws. Basically with Jaws on a main desktop computer, I use the num Pad
to type in numbers. But I was cureious weather this can be done on a Laptop.
I have heard of a key called the "FM" Key on a laptop and on one of my other
list that I am subscribe to somebody said using a key with the "FN" Key and
hitting one of the keys like L, K and  J. I'm not up on the laptop commands
and would basicly like to know if there is a way to simulate the num pad on
a laptop like using a Desktop I do use the numbers above the letters but
find it some what fustrating at times when I hit a wrong letter. I'm just
cureious. Oh and one more thing, could someone tell me where I can find the
FM Key? I am totally Blind and telling me to look for a coulor would be
pointless. lol Have a good day! but hear its coming to an end. lol 



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