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Interesting. What version of JAWS did they start this with? It works with JAWS 

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  You might also try the following:


  Windows plus  F4 plus Insert


  I believe This also will Kill jaws and remove it from memory.  Give it a try, 
it is simple and it does work.  Follow up with the control plus alt plus J to 
reload Jaws.


  Richard P. Kelly



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  Thanks works like a charm. Now I can kill the shark when it starts to get out 
of control. lol.


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  Hi Yadiel,   

  Here are the steps: 

  To create a kill Jaws hot-key do the following:
  1. navigate to the following line:
  "C:\Program Files\Freedom Scientific\Runtime JAWS\11.0\JFWKill.exe"
  This is for running version 11, but substitute the version number for the
  version you are running.
  2. Point to this line and hit the application key
  3. arrow down to the create shortcut line and hit enter you will be pointed 
  to the shortcut line within the runtime jaws file section.
  4. Now hit alt+enter
  5. Tab down to the create shortcut key line and type a letter, such as "K"
  5. Tab to apply and hit enter
  6. Now tab to okay and hit enter
  If jaws appears to have died, then hit control+alt+k, then hit control+alt+J
  to get jaws back. In some cases you may have to close an open error window
  before hitting control+alt+J.

  Yadiel Sotomayor



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