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a memory dump is just as it suggests.  It dumps a variety of data into a file 
which then can be given to the vendor for analysis with the expectation of 
seeing the cause of the problem.
These files are placed at least with XP in the
document and settings\username\application 
data\freedomscientific\jaws\version\settings folder.  You can take a look at 
the dump files with a text editor.

Tom Bissett

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what's a memory
dump file?

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Hello there;

I believe there was a jaws keystroke,

this will terminate JAWS and all related processes while creating a memory
dump file for JAWS at the same time.
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The only way I know to kill jaws completely is to press insert windows f4.  
This erases jaws from the memory of the computer.
If you just want to quit jaws temporarily though, press insert f4 which will 
bring up the quit jaws dialog.
Hope this helps,

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Hello list:

I remembered that on one post somebody mention a "kill jaws" icon for... well, 
killing jaws when it got out of control. Can somebody tell me how to create 
that same short cut? I deleted the messege and I need that short cut. I can't 
rely on NVDA and narrator getting me out of trouble when jaws attacks. lol. 
Besides, the task manager isn't that accessible with narrator and NVDA... well, 
I don't like it. Besides, when jaws goes out cold NVDA doesn't response that 
well either. Maybe NVDA is afraid of the shark.
Yadiel Sotomayor

Yadiel Sotomayor


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