Re: JFW and Outlook 2007

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  • Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 13:33:09 -0700


XP Pro, JAWS 9, Outlook 2007

Usually when this happens to me, it's because of one of these reasons:

1. Another application like WinAmp is still in background and messes with the 
display settings somehow. Shut it down and I can navigate the Outlook list 

2. A background pop-up window is trying to get my attention, such as my VPN 
software, or a virus-checker report. Again messes with the display settings or 
something. Extricate any and I can again read the Outlook list again.

3. In rare cases, having visited the web and gone through any of a number of 
web sites might mess with the display, but even after dismissing IE 7 I still 
can't read the list. Then I unload Outlook 2007 and start again. In very rare 
cases I need to actually reboot.

4. On my laptop, I used to have the display rotation enabled, and a certain 
keystroke (can't remember now which) would rotate 90 degrees. Would be fine 
while still in the application where it happened, but once I switch back to 
Outlook 2007, nothing reads. Had to reboot, or go to the graphics properties on 
my desktop and put it back to normal and re-start Outlook 2007.

There you have a few things to consider.


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  Hi all,


  I've been running into this problem for a while, but am starting to get very 
frustrated.  I could rant on and on about why I want a new laptop, but that's 
beside the point...


  I often leave Outlook running almost all day.  More often than not, when I 
navigate back to Outlook to check emails, JFW gives me the message "List box.  
Use the arrow keys to navigate up and down" but won't read me the title and 
subject of the email.  Restarting either Outlook or JFW, in any combination, 
usually doesn't solve the problem, and I have to restart the system.  Also for 
some reason, when I exit or start JFW, the signal is lost to my external 
monitor, and I have to unplug and reattach the external monitor.  Whether or 
not I have zoomtext running at the same time doesn't seem to have any relevance 
to the problem occurring.  


  I'm running Vista Business 32bit, with JFW 10 and Outlook 7.  Any help with 
either problem would be greatly appreciated.

  Thanks in advance,


  P.S.  Would reformatting and going back to XP make my system any more stable, 
ie less problems with Jaws, zoomtext, etc?

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