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  • Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 18:35:25 -0000

There are quite a few extra features I think.

The main one for me being able to access my MSN account which you can't do with 
Windows Mail.

It also has several features from Microsoft Outlook which I certainly know 
Outlook Express never had and I don't think Windows Mail has either.

Worth having a look though if your using Vista.

When you download it from Windows Live, the installer gives you the option of 
including several other programs as well which it then includes in the download 
and install such as Live Messenger, Writer (for creating a blog I think).


From: Chris Hallsworth 
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Subject: Re: JAWS and Vistas Live Mail Desktop

Hi, what's the difference between Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail/Desktop? 
Sorry for the ignorance. Thanks.
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  Hi, I know this is a problem, but if you have patience with the program and 
just get to know the interface a little bit, you get used to the little bugs 
like folders repeating with the arrow keys. I am using jaws 9.0.515 and am 
using windows live mail desktop as successfully as I was when using outlook 
express preveously, and have found that the bugs only occur after starting the 
program, so as it checks my email for me every minute, I leave it open at all 
times, and the bugs have sort of worked themselvs out, and who knows, maybe in 
the next release of jaws, they might have been fixed. Jaws 8 and windows live 
mail is a big no-no though, sadly.

  James Scholes


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  From: Peter 
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  Subject: JAWS and Vistas Live Mail Desktop

  Morning, thought this might useful for you all using Vista and Windows live 
mail desktop.

  It all worked wonderfully whilst I was using the beta version of the mail 
program, but once it went to the release version all of a sudden I had problems 
moving between folders, which acted as if it was sticking on a folder when you 
press the arrow keys.

  JAWS would also repeat a few things, despite me trying JAWS 8 and 9 the 
probelm was the same and I managed to rule out that it wasn't a difference with 
using the JAWS beta.

  Anyway, this has been excelated with Microsoft several times now and please 
see their response so far below.

  I'll forward the final response from them to the list for those who are 

  I'd be interested to know if anyone else has noticed this.

  In case somebody wasn't aware of live mail which you have to download, it 
allows you to use HTTP email accounts such as MSN and hotmail with it which is 
why I started using it due to not being able to use Windows Mail with them.



  From: Microsoft Customer Support 
  Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 8:45 PM
  To: Peter 
  Subject: RE: SRX1050643519ID - Windows Live Mail:Other:Viewing Messages

  Dear Peter,

  Thank you for patiently waiting for our response. This is Peter and I am a 
Subject Matter Expert from Windows Live Mail Technical Support. Your message 
was escalated to me and I would like to assist you with your issue on moving 
the folders in Windows Live Mail with JAWS 8 & 9. I know how important it is 
for you to have this issue resolved and I sincerely apologize for not being 
able to respond to your message within 24 hours.

  Peter, our product development team is aware of this issue and they are 
working diligently for a resolution.  We are also sorting through the large 
amount of data from customer feedback that we have right now and once we have 
determined the exact cause of this issue, we will use this information to 
remedy the situation.  Although we may not be able to commit in providing you 
an exact date when this issue will be completely fixed, I would like you to 
know that this issue has been flagged as "high priority."

  I appreciate your continued patience and understanding regarding this matter.

  You are valuable at Windows Live, and we look forward to providing you with 
consistent and effective service. We appreciate your input and involvement in 
our Windows Live products.


  Peter M.
  Windows Live Mail Technical Support


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  Hello, please could you provide me with an update on your resolution of this 


  Peter Holdstock

  From: Microsoft Customer Support 
  Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2007 5:10 AM
  To: Peter 
  Subject: RE: SRX1050643519ID - Windows Live Mail:Other:Viewing Messages

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