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I am sure that creative sound card will have their own driver & the driver also will come together with a volume control, try to look for it & hope it's will help.

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I wonder if you can help me please? I have Microsoft Windows XP, JAWS 7.0 and two sound cards. The first sound card is the one on the motherboard which I use for audio and the second is a SBLive 1024 PCI card which I run JAWS through.
I have JAWS working fine after editing the JFW.INI file and installing the updated Eloq file. The only problem is that when I go in to the sound properties and make changes to the sound volume, they only change the volume on the on board sound and don't seem to turn up the volume for JAWS on the PCI sound card.
Is there something that I am missing here please?
Is there any way that i can get around this problem please?

Many thanks in anticipation for any help that you can give,


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