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  • Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 07:43:21 -0800

I have a pearl scanner from freedom scientific. It is a camera that can snap up 
to 20 pages per minute. It works very well and also works in open book. It is a 
little pricey, but it works for a lot of scanning. Mainly for scanning books 
and multiple docs. If you don't scan that much, this might not be the best 
price for what it is. It doesn't take up as much space and is portable when 
hooking up to a laptop and such. Hope this helps.
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  Greetings All:  I have an old HP5P scanner. Someone else hooked it up a long 
time ago.  It is a little flatbed model but ever since I turned it off some 
time ago, my Open Book demo cannot find it and my feeble efforts to reinstall 
it have naturally failed.

  I am curious about current available models and the price range as well as 
simplicity of installation and other hints and tips for getting something 
current.  I think there are combination units out there but, for now, the free 
standing printer I use is working.

  I may get some help to reinstall my old scanner but thought I would take the 
occasion of this situation to quiz the list members about current scanner 
technology.  Many thanks, Mitch
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