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I attempted to use the link in your email to download Adobe 8.0 and just 
wasted my time.  Do you have a direct download link?  All of this looking 
around on the web pages is such a waste of time.

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The Adobe Reader 8 link that Cher Bosch provided to the list, copied at the 
end of my message, saved me a huge amount of time finding the right download 
on the Adobe website. Here are some notes from my experience this morning.

In this download version, Adobe recognizes that the PC is using 
accessibility software. It gives us the option of downloading a version for 
screenreaders, magnifiers or both.

Adobe then gives us a choice of installing default settings for our chosen 
accessibility option or of customizing the settings. After going through a 
couple of pages, I decided to go back with the "previous" button and install 
the default settings.

From that point, the download and installation are standard. Unlike my 
experience of Adobe 7, Adobe 8 requires a reboot to complete installation.

The first time you attempt to read a PDF file after rebooting, Adobe 8 
requires you to accept the licensing agreement.

Then Adobe produces a new dialog that identifies the number of pages in the 
document, to me a welcome new feature, and offers to start reading pages as 
they're processed or to wait until they're all processed. I found that the 
first option, which is not the default, led to JAWS reading the first page 
instantaneously. That is also a first for a PDF document, in my experience.

Note. The first two PDF files with which I experimented must be graphic 
documents because JAWS wouldn't read them at all. So I brought up a document 
I knew Adobe 7 had processed well, though slowly. It's a 48-page file that, 
when I selected the read as processed option, commenced reading right away. 
It had taken a long time for Adobe 7 to commence the reading of this 

Adobe 8 appears to be a huge improvement. Again, thanks to Cher for giving 
us the right download page.
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If you want Adobe without Photo Shop or the Google tool bar and For windows 


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