Re: Backup questions, I use a external hard drive

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I use a external hard drive for data back up it works fine, it looks just like another drive and is JFW Friendly because you are using Windows XP(Explorer).
As I said I use a external hard drive with Windows XP home. I use Casper the Bootable back up program, it is pretty much 100% JFW Friendly.
That is the good part. The problem comes with the fact that Windows XP will not boot up to a external hard drive so it is better to use a internal hard drive for a program such as Ghost by Norton or Casper by Future Systems. Using a internal hard drive allows you to boot up to the second internal hard drive and then you can replace the bad drive or copy the second one over to the first and you are in business.
Nothing that is available except Narrator the Windows speaking program will work for the Blind when booting up. So if you had a hard drive failure you would not be able to tell what the computer is doing, this might require a sighted helper, but all of this does allow you to get back into operation in a minimal amount of Time!
I plan to reboot to the Windows XP CD and then move the bootable Casper copy to another new hard drive, I have a copy of Casper and the user manual burnt to a CD so if I need sighted help the manual and information on how to set up a new hard drive are there for them to follow.
I am using Windows XP home, JFW 6.2 and Casper 3.x.
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Hi All,

I'm looking at buying an external hard drive for making backups of all my important files. After some looking around, I've found that most of these external hard drives include backup image software. There was a recent discussion on the list about this type of software and it was determined that Jaws will not work with any image software because of the fact that you're required to boot your computer into DOS in order to run the application. So, with this being the case, the only alternative is to get sighted assistance to help you get through the process of running the software and making the backup. My question is, I'd like to get a backup image utility that is fairly intuitive and easy to use, so that I can guide someone who is not so computer saavy through the process. Has anyone had any good experiences using this type of software? Any recommendations? Thanks.


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