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  • From: "Dean Schmidt" <dschmidt1991@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 15:59:57 -0600

Thanks for letting me know those color combinations, it looks like there are 
severall combinations used, and that's how the scripts identify which tab is 
selected. . I'm currently testing some modifications that I hope will work with 
all color combinations.   I'll let you all know how it goes.


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  Hi Dean,

  I'm sorry to report that I have never managed to get the scripts to work 
properly.  In response to your comments about the colors, I found the following 
on my system.  First of all let me mention that on my desktop computer, I am 
using Windows 98 SE with JFW 6.2.  I've tried to use the various color options, 
but none of them help.  The help file said 32 bit color is best, but the best I 
have is 24 bit.  Which option would you suggest I use?

  At present zero critical objects are found, so perhaps that makes a 
difference.  But, I only found a scan summary tab, a negligible objects tab, 
and a scan log tab.  A critical objects tab is not there.  Not that I can find 

  I have a 16 color option, but haven't tried using it.

  Using 256 colors, the scan summary tab is black on gray 94, and the tabs for 
negligible objects and the scan log are black on light steel 1.

  Using 16 bit color, the scan summary tab is black on white.  The negligible 
objects tab, and the scan log tabs  are black on pale turquoise1.

  Using 24 bit color, the scan summary tab is black on alice steell, and the 
tabs for negligible objects and the scan log are black on light steell 1.

  I do not  get anything by pressing the control tab, which JAWS tells me to do 
when objects are not marked.  I do not get anything when pressing the right 
arrow.  I can not route JAWS to the PC cursor.  I can not click with the mouse 
buttons or access the applications menu through the application key.  The hot 
keys and the help seem to work pretty good though.  

  Any suggestions?


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  Hello folks,
  I'm just wondering how it's going with the new AdAware Scripts. A couple of 
people have had a small problem, and I'll be doing a minor update soon. Has 
anybody run into difficulties.  Is there anyone else who cant get the scripts 
to switch to the Critical objects tab and the Negligible objects tab?


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