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Adrian, if you get the contact's name highlighted then go into the chat
window, type the message and push enter.
You'll get the warning that your message won't be sent until you're both
online.  That's the best I can suggest.
Are you using the Jaws scripts for Skype?  They do help.

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Please can anyone help me with a Skype question.
I need to contact a Skype user that is on my list, and I seem to find,
they are not online when I am.
I want to post a written message for when they open their Skype.  I'm
pretty sure where to write the message, but I don't know how to actually
send it.
I would be very greatful if some one could give me directions on how to
carry out this procedure after highlighting the persons name.
With Many Thanks,
Adrian Rowe
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