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Hi Amie.

It is often possible to edit pages from the web.  Someone at some point must 
have put them up there in the first place after all.  Web pages are just 
files in the same way as word documents or pdf documents are files.  At its 
most basic, a web page contains text and markup language which describes how 
the text should look including font, style etc.

Web ;pages are often sent to a location on a computer using FTP (File 
Transfer Protocol)

the exact form of the ftp address where you send your file will vary 
according to the provider but the if I have a web page that I can access by 
visiting www.useit.plus.com my website might well be ftp://useit.plus.com 
although this can vary.  generally the home page is called Index.htm.

I won't go any further as all providers differ slightly and it should be 
possible to find out from your provider how to post a web page and i in 
particular where it needs to go.  It's then a case of learning how to use 
HTML to write your web page and there are online tutorials if this interests 


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Erm, probably.  If not I can easily copy and paste the text from the web.



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Do you have a copy of your pages on your computer?



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Subject: [jaws-uk] html

HI list

This is probably me going way out of my depth but just wondering...Using
Jaws 10, can anyone tell me how to go about directly editing html on the
net?  I need to update my website and am betting I should be able to do it
without sighted help.  Any clues, anyone?



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