[jaws-uk] Re: Windows Messenger error message?

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  • Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 19:50:09 -0000

Hi Will,

I really quite like the instant messenger feature but  when both MS Messenger 5 
and MS windows messenger failed I decided that enough was enough! Neither 
messenger service would sign in so I took radical steps and formatted my hard 
drive! Tom Lorimer had suggested editing my registry to allow MSM to run but I 
do not possess the necessary skills to do so.  It appears that if you as a JFW  
user using a older version of JFW  you have to accept that some versions of MS 
softwear will not function, I did E mail them to make them aware of my 
situation but as yet no response! No matter! The re-format worked and I am once 
again using MSM 5 gratefully downloaded from :


there must be many JFW users who cannot afford the latest JFW  in order to 
access the latest MS softwear but surely the difficulty of access should be 
addressed by Microsoft rather than individual specialist vendors like Freedom 
scientific constantly chasing their teils !    trying to maintain  the bridge 
between MS  software and the access technology community. As for me? I'm just 
happy to be able to talk to other people once again!


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  Hi Ali;

  Can you see whether you can bring up https://passport.com?  Note: https, 
*not* http.

  This is just to check whether you're having problems with secure sites over 
the web, or whether the problems are just limited to the messenger service.  
Also, are you using a firewall, and if so, which one?  Also, are you using the 
latest version of Windows Messenger?  The version that first shipped with the 
original version of XP had security holes, and won't work.  It might be worth 
trying Windows Update to see if there's a later version available.

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    From: Alistair Kelly 
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    Sent: Monday, December 27, 2004 10:59 AM
    Subject: [jaws-uk] Windows Messenger error message?

    Hi to all!

     Using JFW 4.5.1 AND XP home I am having a bit of a nightmare with windows 
messenger, following my festive adventures with MS Messenger I now am having 
problems with Windows Messenger, on trying to sign in using the sign in on 
start up option I find that it will not do this and reportsas follows;

    Cannot sign in, https or tcp problem please wait till your isp resolves 
this issue and try later.

    I do not understand the error message as all other areas such as E mail and 
internet access are functioning fine. Interestingly, Windows Messenger then 
displays   me as signed in, yet I'm clearly not as I recieve no alerts of any 
kind. any thoughts? I have tried to re-install the programme and also tried a 
system restore to an earlier date but to no avail!

    Thanks Alistair 

     Alistair Kelly


    MSM: allykelly@xxxxxxx

    if you can keep your head while all around you are losing theirs you really 
should start to worry!


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