[jaws-uk] WHERE CAN I?

  • From: "Val" <val17@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 23:11:23 +0100

I have been a JAWS user since the beginning but not a very venturous one as
I have always been scared of hitting the wrong thing and blowing my machine
up so I have never been curious about short cuts and other ways to get the
best out of websites and emails.I do everything the long way round as
originally I only had MS Word on my machine at work.  Gradually they have
come into the 21st century and have now installed Office 2000 but, if
anything goes wrong, the technician has to have a long extended sick leave
and the rest of the IT Department have to holed meetings and draw lots as to
who the poor soul is going to get the job.
Seriously though, I know there must be quick keys, short cuts and much more
out there now to make life easier when browsing the webb and filling in
forms.  I only picked up Tristan's Insert F5 by accident the other night and
I have now found it wonderful.  There must be loads of tips like that out
there which you clever people use every day without thinking.  Where can I
find these so I can be more efficient?  I now have Office 2003 and would
love to be able to use the split screens in the diary function as I am going
to have to book appointments for meetings at work involving usually at least
six people.  At present I take the long and lonely road and search
individually but if there is a way to manage several diaries on the screen,
I am sure someone will point me in the right directon.
Lastly, has anyone got any tips for coping with Call Centre work.  How to
stay calm, read the information on the screen and deal with the phone at the
same time.

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