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  • Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 11:10:42 -0800

We currently use a Sendmail replacement called Postifix and then a open
source product called SpamAssassin to pre-process our email stream before it
goes to our lotus cc:Mail server.  I'd say that
Spamassassin has been about 95-97% effective in our environment at capturing

Just be aware that no product will keep all the spam out.  Period.  As the
spam filters evolve, so do the spammer's tricks that are used to get around

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Here we are using sendmail server and it has the option of blocking spam
mails and it does well.I implemented ISA server,when i blocked some mails or
domains in the smtp filter option, it doent work,what should
i do.could some one helpo me out
Thanks and regrads

 shane mullins <tsmullins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

what type of mail server do you use? we currently use sendmail and it
does a very effective job of blocking spammers. most emails servers have a
"hook" (for lack of a better term) that you can use to compare against open
relays. sendmail also lets us block from domains and users. most email
servers have this feature, or very similar, built in. i have not needed to
use our isa server for this purpose.


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Subject: [isalist] on smtp filtering...

> good day.does anyone know a software that can block spam/unwanted
> e-mails?Currently, we do not have lotus notes or msexchange.I tried to use
> the smtp filtering of ISA(using keywords) and I download the smtp
> filtering in the but, yet, just the same, we still received
> unwanted e-mails. pls. help.thanks in advance

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