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  • From: Gerard Dumazet <gdumazet@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 14:56:09 +0200

i did it as you suggest with no path

no change

still not working

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Don't put the path name in your destination set

The names you need in the destination set are www.yoursitename and
yoursitename. Eg: - and

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one week ago i ask some assistance for the same subject.but i received
no message.

I tried my best to find a solution but unfortunately i am not expert and
i have not succeded.

i need really your assistance to connect from internet to a dns2go
domain with ISA server to be able to open VPN to the HQ from distant

i connect to internet with a second NIC pointing to my isp with raspppoe
and a modem

if i connect with iis5 from win2000 pro : everything is fine
my site is : i can reach it from outside

now i try to connect with my final config :

sbs2000 with ISA server
here are the points i have done :

1 - create a packet filter "dns2g" TCP out dynamic local port to distant
fix port 1227 accordingly to a message i already received from deerfield

        this works and i connect from isa server to deerfield except i
cannot synchronize the time but this is secondary

2 - change my iis5 port to exemple "port 12345" to have the tcp:80 open
only to my externel NIC accordingly to tom shinder tutorial on this

3 - create a destination set name pointing on my
server with path /inetpub/wwwroot/*

        here i am not sure of this path nor of the destination - not
clear for me can i get it clear from you

4 - publish my web site (default)

        destination : the one just mentionned
        redirection : myservername.mydomain my port "12345"
        for all requests

this seems the normal way

also deerfield ask to create a packet filter TCP both directions local
port 12345 distant port 80

i did it

anyhow i tried different ways but each time from outside or inside there
is no way to connect to

i feel you know well these kind of problems

can you help ???

i need only to be able to reach my server web to open a VPN connection.
everything was nice before with SBS45 with PPTP and NT4


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