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  • Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 20:16:23 +0000

With MailEssentials 8, you can blacklist based on sender and receiver. In this case, I've added old employee's who get lots of SPAM to the blacklist as blocked receivers. No more NDR's in the administrators box.

From: "Keith Wierenga" <Keith.Wierenga@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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To: "[ Discussion List]" <isalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [isalist] OT - GFI spamfilters
Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 22:20:17 +1000

I am looking for ideas, we are trailing the GFI software at the moment to filter spam in conjuction with a E2K cluster. Our mail comes through our firewall and is sent to an OWA box acting as a smtp relay/filter before being sent to the E2K Cluster. Now the question we have can you filter out old mailbox receiptiants that dont have mail boxes anymore. All undelivered mail that is NDR is sent to a Mail Box just incase of spelling mistake, but it also collects all NDRs from users that have left, but are still subcribed to mailing lists and some undisired messages. We also have NAI's Webshield, but like GFI the filters can be set for a keyword or mail domain not for ie user@xxxxxxxxxxxxx a user for home we dont want to recieve email.

Keith Wierenga CoOrdinator Computer Resources UNiTAB Limited keith.wierenga@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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