[interact_list] Middle East will come to you, if you don't go there [a saying in US diplomacy]

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  • Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 14:22:50 +0100

Looks like it's coming. Mamma mia. 
Another 2 or 3 shots gives a ignition for next war in Middle East.

Big conspiracy or anything - we don't have enough 
resource to understand what's going on in Israel and
Palestine, at all. That's what I know of. 

So you take pro-Israel or pro-palestine -
and things get fucked in same way as ever - 
and 'Middle east' will remain as Middle east. 

For Palestine's internal issue, most of the news sources are
useless, you need to identify key-personnels/orgs name and 
mess with internet. 

For Israel, below two provides enough facts - to make you think

we cannot know what's actually going on at all. 


Again, picking up key-personnels names and orgs - and mess with 
internet gives you a sense of 

'We cannot even guess what's really up there. '

And Bradford sucks, cause it doesn't carry 

Jerusalem Post (weekly international version)
Jewish Chronicle (UK Jews national news paper)

they are usually available in Leeds/Borders. 


(Sept 25
Sharon/Israel rejects Straw's visit, disputes bewtween Israel and UK:
(I don't know how US reacted)
[from yahoo.co.uk]
Livid Sharon snubs Straw 
Straw's Iran visit overshadowed by Israel row )
(Large Palestinian protests went in Gaza(pro-Bin Laden), Palestinian 
polices shot some of them.) Some say Arafat felt threatened. 

From sometime around here, Arafat started to impose ? strict 
rule - on extremist fractions. (Some say this is the evidence
of Arafat's ruling capacity - or some say there are other 
reasons why those fundamentalists agreed to cease-fire.)

Oct 13th Sat: Arafat, suddenly visits London to meet Blair
[from yahoo.co.uk]
Arafat to hold talks in London on Mideast peace
Oct 13th Sat: Israel decided to ease blockade on borders with 
Oct 14th Sun, a small perplextion comes in - Israel, despite of 
its 'total' mood for moderation of the situation - esp within cabinet,
re-started its  'assassination', a leading figure of Hamas is killed. 
Extremists swore revenge/retaliation.

''The killing of Abdel Rahman Hamad, 35, a member of the Hamas group, 
on Sunday marked a return to Israel's internationally condemned 
track-and-kill policy it says thwarts militants planning attacks on 

While Israeli officials pledged to continue targeting Palestinian 
militants as deemed "necessary", the government, responding to U.S. 
pressure to pave the way for eventual peace talks, said it was 
prepared to ease a military blockade and remove troops reoccupying a 
neighbourhood of the divided West Bank city of Hebron, provided 
Palestinian forces ensured calm.''


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