[interact_list] [By so far] a very short note @ 16 Oct 2001(cause I feel it's getting really muddling)

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  • Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 12:55:41 +0100 (BST)

WTC centres attack: Now West is 'a loser', a big loss, 
a permanent loser. (established fact)

OBL declares 'war': it's a pure declaration,
than useless air-laids. (Winner side=Al Quaida declares
war over 'already-loser=West')

The logic of West is basically totally or mostly fucked.
(except they come to re-recognize why they are in this way
and where they are really going on earth) 

=Now it has to think of scrapping its enterprises for the rest
of the humanity and for themselves. (I don't say convert to 
Muslim or Buddhism cause I know most of whites would never get it)

But West persists - want to remain in its fucked up way. 
(don't realise now it needs to change itself)

And Al-Qaida only be able to appeal with violence. 
That's fine. We need 'fine' interpretation of why they do 
those 'evil' things - there are plenty of evidences 
why West deserves all this panic. 

'Revolutionaries' would only hit with violence 
and some short lines - cause, cause they think 
it's plain and obvious - why West deserve this. 

And West, huddles and puddles - again 'mechanisation'
'systematisation' - not to see what they are. 

See things as 'political' games 
and also see as 'battle of faithful and faith-less',

this duality of scope is essential, to sort out things.

I think. 

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