[interact_list] [18th Oct 2001in Jenin]Tanks shelled 'from' schoolyard (and more to come)

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I don't know what's IDF is doing/thinking but it appears,
as some video footages portrayed. 

Tanks went in town - moved on streets - and some palestinian
gunmen started to shoot them with 'peck' machine guns - 
(we have to exterminate those peckie 'intifada' fighters too though,
assholes - do something 'meaningful' and 'effective'.)

and then Tank reached to an elementary school and released
two shell shots. 

It is said that students were playing in the school yard. 

Enough. Looks Jews are worse than Germans and Yankees. 

And more to come, 

A. We need to send IDF personnels to International court after all 


In Jenin, Israeli tanks advanced into the southern edge of the city, 
meeting spotty resistance from armed Palestinians. The Ibrahimiyat 
girls' elementary school came under Israeli fire in the attack. Riham 
abu Ward, 11, was killed, and Tahreer Manasra, also 11, was critically
wounded with a bullet lodged in her skull.

Tahreer, who had been playing in the school courtyard, was rushed to 
the Rafidia Hospital in nearby Nablus, where she underwent emergency 
surgery. Outside the intensive-care unit where the ponytailed Tahreer 
lay unconscious, her brother Mohammed recalled the morning's 
incidents. He said he saw Israeli tanks moving to within 300 yards of 
the school and then heard shooting and the explosions of tank shells. 
But he never imagined his sister would be hurt.

"I thought they were safe in school," said Mohammed, a 27-year-old 
worker in a concrete-block factory. "I didn't expect them to shoot at 
a school."


The army denied that the school had been targeted, and army spokesman 
Lt. Col. Olivier Rafowicz said troops came under fire from Palestinian
positions "in the school area." But a lieutenant in the operation was 
later suspended for leading his unit too far into built-up areas of 
the Jenin neighborhood.

Akio Fujita

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