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Actually, the concept art shouldn't have anything to do with the TDD.  This
is where you all need to make decisions as to how you are going to handle
the art when it comes in.  In most cases, you have to wait for art while
programming.  If you waited until you got the resources you need, then you
may not get started until a few months into the project.  Use programmer art
when necessary in these cases, as you don't want to delay the progress.

As for the TDD, you need to try to anticipate how things are going to work,
and if there are restrictions that need to be placed on the artist, this is
the time to start letting them know before they get too far into creating
the art.  The code shouldn't care what the art looks like, but may need to
depend on the GDD (Game Design Document).  If there is a question as to what
a particular effect is, what an item does, how a character moves, etc. then
let Mickey know to add that detail into the GDD.  It is a cooperative effort

I've decided not to start the timeline until these two documents are flushed
out, then we can start coding properly.  Ultimately we need a plan as to how
we are going to code the game, and the TDD is that plan.

Does this make sense?  If not I can try to describe it more, but the
exercise is for you all to learn how to do this part of the project.  Come
up with what you can, and I'll read it and give feedback.  Be as thorough as
possible, and as always as questions of each other.

Jim Verhaeghe
Contract Game Developer
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Hey Jim and all

This is where I think the problem lies: there is not enough concept
art for us to decide what exactly is required and what isn't. Granted
that we have seen some are depicting what the characters will look
like, but that's about as far as it goes. What about the effects when
they interact wuith their environments (specifics of physical,
graphical  and audio requirements, for example). We need some sort of
storyboard to see exactly what we're up against for if we are being
selective on the components that we're documenting for the TDD we need
something to guide us so that we neither omit, nor document incorrect
parts of the source.

We need something more visual to work with.


On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 06:15:41 -0000, Jim Verhaeghe <jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hey all,
> The TDD should describe what features you intend to use for the game.
> includes what parts of the HL2 source you intend to use.  You don't need
> supply source code, but do describe the functions and how they are used
> (consider it an executive summary).  Assume I am a programmer that is
> joining the project.  The TDD will need to explain to me what you are
> with the game, what tools you are using and how, as well as any other
> questions that may have come up that haven't been answered.  That way I
> sit down and read the TDD and jump right in after reading it.  It doesn't
> have to be overly detailed, but should give me a good sense of what is
> done from the technical side.
> I hope this helps.
> Jim
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> >Could you guys document the Source Files directory of the hl project
> >according to the format of the attached TDD, please?
> >
> >
> I'll take a look at doing CBaseEntity. But how much time should we
> invest in docing Source? Do we really need HL2 specific content in the
> TDD, such as the Barnacle? I was under the impression that the TDD
> should describe what we intend to do, and as such I would of thought the
> documentation of existing tools should be a fairly small section of the
> document.
> http://www.gamasutra.com/features/19991217/ryan_03.htm
> http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article1965.asp
> >Mike - Have you managed to get hold of VC++ 2003?
> >
> >
> No, but I have VC++6 so can work on & compile the project.
> Mike
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