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          John Harrison <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I have a very odd effect.  A footnote overflows onto the page after it is
>referenced.  I suspect there isn't enough room, so I squeeze a preceding
>paragraph down to make more space.  At that point, the heading of a table
>that starts on the following page pops into the newly created space, but
>the footnote remains on the following page.

Sounds familiar...

>So I try a different tack.  I insert another footnote, anchored immediately
>before the problem one, and containing the same text.  It obediently comes
>onto the correct page.  
>I assume there must have been something funny with the original footnote,
>so I delete it.  Then the new one disappears and goes onto the next page.
>The same problem affects the following page.  The last footnote, which
>appears less than half way down the page, appears on the page after.

I have seen same / similar

>I subsequently started getting document corruption warnings when trying
>to save, and internal error 15 warnings when trying to scroll over a
>table above it.


>My standard solution in such cases is to cut out the affected chapter
>and rebuild it using non affected sections and copied plain text. I
>did this, and the affected table (actually two 5x18 tables nested in a
>2x1 table) I rebuilt from scratch.
>When I tried to add a footnote, I got the curruption problem again.


>So I experimented with another table (with no text).  Up to about 5 rows
>I could add a footnote in it OK, but with the full number of rows I get

>Has anyone met such a problem, and can suggest what is happening, and
>how to fix the problem?

I think I discussed this with Martin a while ago and from memory there
is an obscure bug.

It is some while ago but I think I worked around the problem by changing
the font size to make the table a bit smaller.

An alternative I think is to force the table to split over two pages and
have the footnote ref on the second of these pages.

I guess the problem is something to do with not having enough space for
the footnote on the same page as the table and the footnate ferlowing
going wrong??


>EW 8.73, RO5.11

My problems were with an earlier version not sure which



Gwyn Oakley
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