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  • From: jess hampshire <jesshampshire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 13:06:51 +0100


2009/10/14 Mike Hobbs <mike.hobbs@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> I don't remember this being discussed in recent times and I'm
> not sure what is planned for future releases, but I would
> really like to have the ability to export documents in ODT format.
> Since ODT is basically XML, and XML has a lot of similarity to
> HTML, which TechWriter can already output, I can't imagine that
> its too difficult to implement.

> Comments?

I would love to see EW use ODT as a native format (or at least from
the users point of view). The only other word processors I'm likely to
ever use at home are open office or abiword.

However a feature that would compel me to upgrade to the latest
version would be if it could hook into google docs and edit the same
documents I use online. I don't know if Google even support that type
of access, but it would be very useful.

Currently I am away from home so much, that Google docs is the main
place I do personal work.

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