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  • Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 10:58:25 -0600

I'm not "hooked" on anything.  I've tried OpenOffice, and while it is nice,
I find myself preferring Microsoft Office more - partly because I'm more
used to it, and partly because 2007's equation editor is *very* nice.
(Usually I typeset my math in LaTeX anyway, but sometimes it's nice to use a
WYSIWYG editor)
On 2/13/07, Gabe Ives <gabe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Carl Lundstedt wrote:
> > 1) Microsoft tells the University it'll audit all computers on campus
> > unless they buy into the 'Microsoft Campus License', thus taxing EVERY
> > computer purchased by the University $150, whether it runs M$ or not.
> >
> While I agree completely with you on your interception of the Microsoft
> Campus License and motivations of Microsoft for doing that, the above
> isn't completely true.  First while Macs also have the "Microsoft tax",
> it is less than what it is for Windows.  And second, if you buy a
> computer (or parts to build a computer), that doesn't have Windows
> pre-installed, and stand firm that you shouldn't have to pay the
> Microsoft Campus license fee (aka tax) because Linux will be installed
> (as a Server anyway, not sure if the same would hold true if it's a
> workstation [I think it should, but don't know if they'd accept that as
> a legitimate excuse...I've never tried that one]).  Usually they will
> back down, but say something sarcastically like, "well you know you'll
> never be able to run Microsoft products on that computer unless you buy
> a license for it".  A pain? Yes, and not the way things should be, but
> it's still possible to get a computer at the University and not pay a
> Microsoft tax for it.
> > 5) Students graduate, now they have to buy Microsoft products as 'real'
> > people.  You naughty kids are uninstalling that copy of XP you got as a
> > student, right?  RIGHT?!?! PIRATES!!!!
> Again, yes the point is to get students "hooked" on Windows and
> Microsoft Office (and not introduced to alternatives), but I thought I'd
> chime in on a correction.  The copies students buy of Windows and
> Office, state upon graduation that the license fully transfers to them.
> So they are legitimate copies, while they are a student, or if they
> graduate.  If they take time off from school, or drop out and don't
> graduate, then yes they must uninstall the software.
> Apple tried the save thing though in the 80's....trying to get students
> hooked on their product, and it failed, the difference though is Apple
> didn't have a monopoly (Microsoft does as proved in the US Courts), so
> Apple had very little recourse if institutions told them "no".  Would
> Apple have done the same back then as Microsoft does now if Apple had a
> monopoly back then?  Who knows, maybe, maybe not.
> Gabe
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