[openbeos] Re: website news: Registrar: Milestone 2 of 4

  • From: Erik Jaesler <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 14:27:50 -0700

When you say "R5.1", do you mean "Dano"? Either way, while B_SOME_WINDOW_ACTIVATED *might* get added in R1 (try suggesting this again when we're actually activating our own windows ;), BWindow::ClipWindowToPicture() is strictly R2. Doing non-rectangular windows is anything but trivial.

Generally speaking, it's safe to say that only the simplest things from Dano are being considered by anyone; R5 presented a sizeable enough challenge all by itself. ;)


François Revol wrote:

While you are on watching, could you please add support for the flag introduced by R5.1, SOME_WINDOW_ACTIVATED:

enum {
        B_REQUEST_LAUNCHED = 0x00000001,
        B_REQUEST_QUIT = 0x00000002,
        B_REQUEST_APP_ACTIVATED = 0x00000004,
        B_REQUEST_WINDOW_ACTIVATED = 0x00000008,

        // Synonym for backwards compatibility

enum {
        B_SOME_APP_LAUNCHED             = 'BRAS',
        B_SOME_APP_QUIT                 = 'BRAQ',

I don't think it would be overkill, and it makes it so easy to implement things like AutoRaise (instead of having a polling thread listing windows).

/methinks BWindow::ClipWindowToPicture() is an interesting addition from R5.1 too...

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