[haiku] AW: Hardware Profile

  • From: "Ronny Wisor" <RonnyWisor@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 17:27:36 +0200

Hi Dane,

I would suggest a Asus P5Q Pro as motherboard, a C2D E8500 as CPU, 4GB RAM
and a ATI Radeon HD 2600XT graphic card.

The video card is working in VESA Mode but it´s very good compared with
older graphic cards in this mode. For instance you could open several video
files without a problem. 

It takes 15,5 seconds to boot up the PC. Haiku feels very snappy on this
hardware. :-)

All other built-in components like Network, HD Audio, USB, SATA hard disk
and DVD burner are completely supported. I can even use 5.1 surround sound
the first time in my time with BeOS related operating systems -> so cool.

It´s a full size ATX motherboard so you must use a relative big case.



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I'm probably just not looking in the right places for it, but has anyone put
a recommended hardware profile up anywhere, for Haiku?  In my own case, I
want to build a "development box" that I can use for the porting of all of
TuneTracker's software over to Haiku, testing, etc., and thus need to know
what modern (not discontinuied) components are nicely supported, including
motherboard, video card, audio card, network card etc.  Ideally, a
motherboard with built-in video and networking if anyone has found one.

Thanks to whoever can point me in the right direction!

Dane Scott

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